Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Intent Leads Energy

"Mom, I was out on the beach walking alone and cherishing the solitude.  I was squinting in the bright sun.  I had lost my trusty sunglasses."  

"I thought to myself as I looked out over the expansive water and waves, 'Oh, I wish I had a pair of sunglasses Right Now!' "

"As I gazed out at the ocean, I saw something floating near the water's edge.  I walked nearer and found a pair of sunglasses bobbing on incoming gentle waves!  I picked up the sunglasses and tried them on.  They were a perfect fit!" 

"Imagine This!  They were celebrity style.  I wondered who might have worn them?"

"Do you still have the sunglasses?"

"No, I wore them for a long time, but I left them somewhere.  I imagine someone else has picked them up and worn them now."

Imagine Your Dreams and Thoughts Manifesting Quickly in the Here and Now!

    *Dream * Imagine * Create* 

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 "Intent Leads Energy," a principle of Tai Chi and Meditation practice.
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Sunglasses by Maddy