Thursday, November 22, 2012


                                                             Still Motion

All of a sudden a story came in, complete with title and pictures! 

Beach Walking:
In the last precious windless and warm November days Paul, Rob and I wandered the beach at sunset, drinking in the quiet and color of a magic land, sky, and water.  Colors are never the same The constant flow motion of ever evolving hues reminds me of painter Claude Monet.  He lined up canvases and worked sequentially over them as the light and colors shifted in series of paintings such as Rouen Cathedral, Haystacks, Water Lilies and more. 

                                                        Shimmering Light

On the beach dune grass green is streaked with gold now.  A pale half moon rises through pine branches that scratch and claw the skyPieces of rock, a few fossils, and brick from ancient structures worn smooth by water invite a look.  I felt familiar sand crunch and float underfoot.  Gulls watched us with great suspicion.  A loan seagull launched and repeatedly circled us overhead, defending his territory?   We walked past the gulls toward the direction of the light snow at sunset yet to come.     

As we wandered on, we noticed the other worldly colors turn and dance in a palette of cosmic tones of lilac and turquoise, peach, orange and pink.  We felt captivated and bathed in the harmonies of light and shade.  The water flickered with misty white and ice blue-green, later tinged with bright orange of sun sinking to horizon.  

I thought about Tai Chi practice and how, at sunrise and sunset, the Earth and Sky invoke a balance of Yin and Yang harmonies.  I felt ancient times and spaces.

 Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet All Is Accomplished
                                                                       Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching 

I became (feel) like a four footed furry friend on the beach, looking down at the tracks sculpted into the sand.  I can read the stories!   Paw marks large and small, with and without claws, romped.   Fan shaped seagull prints waddled and various decorative gym shoe bottoms carved their patterns into the evening sand, now tinted with green and pink from the sunlight.  

I noticed snow fences are up now.  The usual November here boasts cutting winds and dusky skies laced with sleet and snow. 

Suddenly I turned quickly and viewed the flock of sand sitting seagulls now behind us.  Their white gray feathers glowed lavender pink the twilight of red rays emitted by the setting sun. Without warning, the entire flock launched into flight!  We were engulfed in a "sea" of floating gulls, calling with their kitten-like cries.

Earlier, bright gold jet streaks from Chicago flights pierced the sky.  Later, slowly yet swiftly the disk of the sun sank into a cloud bank on the lake, drawing the curtains between Heaven and Earth.



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by Teresa Ferrill
Still Motion, reminds us of Tai Chi practice, a harmony of light and shade, action and rest.
Shimmering Light, St. Joseph, Michigan  This photo is similar to Claude Monet's painted impressions of light and color.
Reflection, Invitation at Sunset