Monday, March 12, 2012


* "I can see for miles and miles...." music floats along performed by The Who.  Today I searched long for a frequency (song or instrumental) that is the perfect fit for a lilting writing session inviting joy plus reflection.  A frequency that invites a sing and hum along, felt deep in the chest like a purring cat.  My cats love the harmonies here as I write, both asleep.  Dark tabby, Sasha, is draped over my keyboard.  Sancat, her golden brother, rests on his blanket nearby. 

"First writing" of a story is so fresh and free!  Thoughts flow like splashes of cool water.  Then the re-reads and cut and paste, if needed, for clarity.  I pick up a book  **Eyes Like Leaves by Charles de Lint, open it and see the sections:  Gathering the Threads, Weaving, and Finishing the Cloth.  How like life!  I prefer facts to fiction, but this novel compels me to read and savor a Celtic Tale of Mystery.

I marvel at the writer's voice, the musician's sound, the painter's palette, the sculptor's carvings, all are unique "weavers of words and worlds."  All voices (expressions) "touch each others' lives in ways no one else can," my friend Louise adds.

Next I pick up some "ancient bits and typed manuscripts" from an old box recently "re-discovered."  I touch again wanderings from the Celtic Book of Days  I read.

"The smile of melting snow"   Then: 

I am the wind of the sea,
I am the wave of the ocean,
I am the roar of the sea...
I am the hawk on a cliff,
I am a tear of the sun,

I am turning in a maze....
I am a power of skillfull gift,
I am a grass blade in the Earth...
I am creative, weaving....

I am definitely turning in "amazement" as the abundance of delight, information, discovery, wonder and more pours in from ever-opening dimensions. 

St. Patrick's Day is coming 'round again.  I am getting out my Irish Folk music Cd's!  In my imagination, I put on a heavy Aran sweater lovingly knit with sheepswool, hiking shoes, faded jeans, scarf and cap.  

My own words call from scribbled ancient journals and drawings: 
***  "Aran sweaters of old came in natural colors of umber, heavy cream, coal, and grey."  

Stone Creatures
"Mute crosses with cut-out halos stand on rocky hills, gigantic monuments to past memories....I can feel these ancient carvings' roots in the Viking past where W.B, Yeats notes in The Wanderings of Oisin, 'the long boats with the carven fronts,' come into the harbor.  Relics of the past live in stone encyclopedias.  I can see the twistings and turnings of ancient dragons, and battles of plants and birds.  I can see the Pict's intertwined snakes and leaves frozen in stone."

"I feel a chill....I look over the steep rocky-sharp bank to the coastline where ocean smashes against crags in relentless rhythm.  The sea is 'seafoam green-grey.'  Breakers beating the rocks are flecked foam and raw umber (a dark painter's brown)...."

"I can focus on the windy hill more clearly now...."

"Listen in Silence, and Find a Voice." 

I imagine an Irish Rose and hear:

"Let the petals of your life unfold like a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order," Louise Watson, R. N.

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*  The Who:  I Can See for Miles, Who are You? and other music

**  Eyes Like Leaves, "This is classic high fantasy, written and revised by a master, unpublished when first completed some 30 years ago...." Booklist.  Charles de Lint is a Canadian author, musician, poet and loves to sketch with pencil and watercolor. Products: Cats Purr Cd, Lucy contributes her purr music for relaxation and healing along with binaural beats and nature sounds. The Celtic Book of Days is available.

The Wanderings of Oisin by W.B. Yeats, mystic author and poet

*** Celtic Crosses/Aran Sweaters:  Sculptures in Stone and Wool by Dahlis Roy

Patience and Timing, March 3, 2012  Debra Basham's Blog:  Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health   Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D., and Rev. Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, RMT, HTt  Inquiries, request free PDF E-book Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

Photos:  Stone Creatures by Emilie and Neon Rose, by Dahlis Roy